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It’s a great day to send a note of appreciation to your fave open source developers and projects.

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A smiling Earth says “Hi” with small hearts. Text reads “You had me at Hello World” Isometric cubed pattern with some isolated and colored to look like hearts. Text reads “You’re my favorite dependency” A smiling hour glass. Text reads: “I wouldn’t go back to a time ::before you.” A pattern of diamonds outlined to demonstrate the CSS box model. Text reads “I just couldn’t <div></div> without you” Three suitcases each labeled 0, 1, and 2 respectively. Text reads “Run array with me” A smiling toast with jam and a small jam jar nearby. Text reads “You’re my Jam(stack)” A CLI terminal prompts “Are you sure?” and the input says “Heck yes!”. The valentine text reads “You make it easy to commit” You can’t spell GUI without U and I “U+1F60D” is written out three times next to text that reads “You can’t spell Unicode with U ‘n’ I” I couldn’t function {hearts} without you A rainbow in the clouds surrounded by birds and stars. Text reads: “#your-code:has(.what-i-need)” The text “Every version of you is great” surrounded by a background of software release versions like v0.0.1 Your code always LGTM A smiling brain with small hearts. Text reads “I can’t get you out of my <head></head>” A CLI terminal sends rainbow arrows up to a smiling cloud in the sky. Text reads “You can’t git push without ‘us’” Four tall stacks of pancakes each with a pat of butter. Text reads “I’m glad you’re part of my stack” A smiling worm sits on a fishing hook surrounded by hearts and bubbles. Text reads “Your code’s got me hooked” A countdown clock counting down from a very high number. Text reads “I promise to await for you” A rainbow gradient of tshirts on hangers. Text reads “You’ve got the best <style>” A smiley app window called “Applet a day.” Text reads “You’re the applet of my eye” A leafy branch with two hanging, smiling lemons. Text reads “You’re my main squeeze” with “main” styled like the branch dropdown in GitHub. Two little smiling boxes in different rows are aligned with each other instead of the other boxes in their row. Text reads: “It’s easy to align-self with you.” Thank you for building a better web

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